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Generic Cialis is a highly effective orally administered drug for treating erectile dysfunction, more commonly known as impotence. Recommended for use as needed, Cialis can also be used as a daily medication.

Cialis generika niederlande : The "Viagra" drug's manufacturer has pulled an ad campaign saying the drug can help treat incontinence and menopause. Viagra is a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and low libido. According to a statement, the company is recalling some of the ads because they show male models holding erections through their underwear, which is against the rules. "Viagra" drug's manufacturer has pulled an ad campaign saying the drug can help treat incontinence and menopause. The company first posted ads to YouTube last week and quickly pulled them after receiving complaints about the ad, Huffington Post reported. The Viagra and Cialis brand are generics, or brand-name medications that aren't sold by brand name pharmaceutical companies. So-called generic drugs are often cheaper, but may be less potent. "These types of campaigns do not conform with our company's expectations of good health messaging," Jan Boehmer, president of pharmaceuticals division Viagra, said in a statement. "This will no doubt cause concern for some consumers who saw and shared the ad on social media," Boehmer said. "In this instance, the company will take ad offline completely." The campaign was aimed to promote Viagra brand of over-the-counter pills. "We are disappointed that anyone would use our brand in a way that is not in accordance with these expectations," Boehmer said. "The ad is no longer being posted and we will take appropriate action." A spokesperson for the company confirmed campaign featured on YouTube had been pulled. But she did not respond to questions about whether Viagra's brand would still ship generics. Efforts by The Huffington Post to reach Boehmer have not been successful. Viagra is available over the counter at many major drug stores nationwide. A generic version cost as low $40 per month, according to the website, although price may vary depending on the drug's brand, strength and package size. Prices vary depending on the country and region, site says. Cialis is sold by brand name pharmaceutical Adapalene cream kopen companies in Canada and around the world. Cialis and Viagra are "two of the world's best-known and most-prescribed medicines," according to Pfizer, a unit of EMD Serono, based in Hamburg, Cialis 10 Pills 100mg $85 - $8.5 Per pill Germany. According to Pfizer, Viagra has a Amoxicillin generic brand reputation for being the best-selling prescription drug worldwide with annual sales of more than $3 billion. The drug has Remedio proflam generico been approved for use in over 200 countries and has been the standard treatment for ED and its equivalent, or EPE, for more than 50 years. In a 2007 review of Viagra and Cialis, "Cialis as Treatment for Unintended Orgasm: A Review of the Scientific Evidence," University North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Jedd F. Miller said the drug can treat over half of male erectile dysfunction sufferers and the treatment is generally well tolerated. But Miller said that many experts don't believe it should be used to treat EPE, particularly if they are over 50. This is "a drug that has been prescribed for over 50 years, and there's a large fraction of men who have used it for those 50 years and don't have a problem," he said. The drug has also been shown to be helpful for some.

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